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You add your talent.

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  • Stay independent
  • Work from anywhere when actually needed
  • Be respected; be rewarded
  • Enjoy work-life balance
  • Align with us to minimize carbon footprint and paper usage
  • Grow with us
  • Smile along the way
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Why joining Omnes Pool?

Omnes Pool consists of highly skilled and experienced lawyers providing services on project-based assignments. By joining Omnes Pool, you will have the chance of involving yourself in exciting legal work fitting your competences and passion.

Our remuneration policy is based on the cornerstones of fairness, equality and team satisfaction. If you want to take control of your finances and regain work-life balance instead of working long hours for a fixed salary, Omnes is the environment you can thrive in and get back what you invest.

How it works?

1. Send your CV at

Following review of your CV, we may arrange an introductory call to discuss about your background and interest in Omnes.

2. Partner interview

At this stage, a video-call interview will be conducted with one or two Partners of Omnes.

3. Technical assessment

If so required, a written exercise or a verbal case study will take place in order to help us determine your abilities and skills.

4. Great legal work

Upon relevant assignment, you will receive a written notification in order to confirm your interest in this particular legal case or project. In case of confirmation, and upon mutual written agreement, any and all communications, cooperation and project delivery will be made through our cloud-based software.

5. Be rewarded

We strongly believe that great results are achieved by well-respected peers who get what they truly deserve for their performance. Our model is based on fairness in reward distribution in the form of a pro rata percentage fee per case or project.