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Our approach

Embracing the new normal

Omnes (adj.) [ˈom.nes / ˈɔmnes]

i. every one

ii. all members of a certain group

iii. being united together

Omnes is a synonym to the state of being entire and complete as whole unit. We integrate a variety of legal tools into our ‘one-stop shop’ digital platform; that‘s why we deliver not only excellent, but also sophisticated and consolidated legal services in order to meet our clients’ unique needs.

Old profession. New technology.

It is common ground that law is an old and traditional profession and its practitioners are hesitant to change. The only thing, however, that is always constant is change. Especially in the post Covid-19 era, we are experiencing revolutionary dynamics bringing the new normal on the surface.

We are a new breed of lawyers with digital awareness in our DNA; utilizing law and technology we implement state-of-the-art case management tools to increase productivity, improve lawyer-client communication and cut client overhead expenses down to zero.

justice and law

What you gain from our hybrid business model?


Omnes 24/7 accessible cloud-based portal gives our clients one centralized place to track all legal cases, data and records. At the same time, we ensure real-time collaboration, while enabling secure, simple and fast exchange of legal documents, drafts review, case organizing, text messaging and instant case update notifications reducing time-consuming searching in email folders and confusing correspondence chains.


Omnes hybrid model is based on the combination of physical and remote working supported by cloud-based technology. Having the flexibility to work from our standard office desk, remotely or even from client’s premises, enables us to offer tailor-made services fitting the unique needs of every single client.

Zero overheads

We shift our focus from costs to outcomes, which means that all savings in expenditures not associated with the services we provide are passed directly onto our clients, who benefit the most from no overhead costs under our billing policy.

what you gain

What makes us  unique?

Best Management Practices

  • omnes bullet list iconInvestment in new technologies and state-of-the-art legal software
  • omnes bullet list iconClient-centered & cloud-based client portal
  • omnes bullet list iconAccessible case management digital tools & software apps
  • omnes bullet list iconStandard research tools & software apps
  • omnes bullet list icon24/7/365 IT support
  • omnes bullet list iconLack of bureaucracy and unnecessary paper load
  • omnes bullet list iconDigitized legal documents & e-signing
  • omnes bullet list iconAutomated legal workflows
  • omnes bullet list iconUninterrupted lawyer-client communication, real-time messaging & data encryption
  • omnes bullet list iconE-mail exchanges and face-to-face lawyer-client meetings
  • omnes bullet list iconAccess to office and meeting space and work at client’s premises option

Services & Billing

  • omnes bullet list iconNo overhead costs billed to clients
  • omnes bullet list iconService and billing transparency via automated timesheet reporting, expenses tracking & real-time case updates
  • omnes bullet list iconGlobal reach & local presence
what matters to us

Human Resources

  • omnes bullet list iconAttorneys with well-proven track record
  • omnes bullet list iconDecentralized, distributed and hybrid attorneys
  • omnes bullet list iconFull workplace flexibility
  • omnes bullet list iconAssociate, paralegal & administrative support
  • omnes bullet list iconFair remuneration per project
  • omnes bullet list iconWork-life balance
  • omnes bullet list iconHappier attorneys; better served clients