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Who are we?

The first hybrid Law Firm in Greece

Omnes is the first hybrid law firm in Greece and one of the very few within the EMEA region. We leverage law, technology and modern working practices to provide legal services of excellent quality with no overhead costs for our clients.

Why Omnes?

Fast, flexible and value pricing legal services

We are not another brick-and-mortar law firm; instead thanks to our corporate mission and structure we reshape the legal industry offering cost-efficient legal solutions with user-friendly technology applications and excellent cloud-based case management practices.

Our hybrid model enables fast, flexible and uninterrupted service delivery and client-lawyer communication literally from anywhere.

What is Omnes mission?

Exceptional results. Unique client experience.

Omnes mission is to provide top-notch legal services and bring a fresh client experience through its secure, innovative and client- centered digital ecosystem.

We offer our specialized knowledge, powerful foresight and business-oriented approach to achieve the greatest results. At the same time, digital disruption is an integral part of our daily operations ensuring faster response times, consistent communication and efficient case management.

What makes us different?

We think, operate and practice differently

Omnes unique business model is based on deep legal expertise, industry knowledge and innovative technology to enhance service excellence and client satisfaction. We invest in long-standing relationship with clients by delivering value-added legal services at fair rates.

What matters to us?

Price and service transparency

Transparency is not a principle for us. It’s about building trustworthy and longstanding relationships with our clients and partners.

Access to our cloud-based client portal allows real-time case updates and messaging, efficient legal documentation management and timesheet reporting. We guarantee full transparency and no surprises at any stage of your case.

Efficient, yet sustainable legal practice

Omnes has a solid business model based on work excellence, digital innovation, environmental awareness and corporate social responsibility. Digitalization of our case management processes minimizes paper usage, while operating hybrid significantly reduces our carbon (CO2) footprint.

Overhead costs from less paper consumption and carbon (CO2) emissions saved on a yearly basis will be donated to the not-for-profit organization The Hellenic Initiative-Plant A Tree In Greece. Omnes contributes to reforestation of the homeland and restoration of the livelihoods lost in the wildfires of 2021.

Pro Bono; giving back to community

We allocate considerable resources in handling pro bono cases by donating our legal knowledge, advice and support to foundations, charities and not-for-profit organizations pursuing humanitarian or environmental purposes.

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